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Copy + Content + Marketing for Smart B2B Strategies

Simplified Marketing Strategies for Innovative B2B Software Solutions

From copywriting to full-scale marketing support, you can count on Mary Clark Navarro to provide brilliant copy, content, and marketing strategies that support your B2B goals. 

What does that mean?


Engage clients with expert copy on websites, sales decks, brochures, product descriptions, landing pages, and more.


Content marketing
Relevant value-based content to showcase your company’s innovative solutions as the answer to your client’s needs.


Brand and Marketing Strategy
Know your clients, understand their motivations, and track the success of strategy-based marketing campaigns.

I quickly found Mary Clark to be effective at all aspects of inbound marketing. She became a key, senior member of the team as we shifted to product-led growth. Her work delivery was excellent and produced outstanding results. I would hire Mary Clark again and she has my complete recommendation [for] any company considering her for a key role on their team.”

You’ve got an amazing product — software solution or technical product that’s the go-to answer for your client’s needs. But, you’re having a hard time explaining what it is and how to use it.

Here’s what you want:

Mary Clark delivers all that and more.

As a B2B copywriter and marketing strategist, she converts tech talk into on-target, conversion-ready marketing materials.

For the Lokion website launch, Mary Clark worked with developers and designers to deliver strong brand values, engaging content, and clear messaging.



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Your industry is changing faster than you or your team can come up with new ideas. It’s overwhelming and exhausting to be constantly playing catch up. The result? Stale marketing plus fewer and fewer leads and sales.

If you’ve found yourself:

Let’s inject new ideas and proven solutions into your marketing efforts. I’ll work with your team to see the big picture and align on next-step strategies to produce the results you want.

Mary Clark is a quick learner, understands the importance of developing a great story, and always ready to make valuable suggestions to the strategy.

Have you worked with copywriters or marketing strategists in the past and found that they didn’t quite have the industry experience, technical expertise, or business acumen to deliver the solutions you need?

It’s refreshing to partner with an experienced B2B strategist that knows the process to move your marketing materials and campaign forward with confidence. With Mary Clark Navarro on your team you’ll have:

  • Ten years of experience in technical writing
  • Proven marketing solutions
  • Engaging copy and content management
  • Strong Industry knowledge

With so many satisfied clients, you know you can count on her professionalism and experience to support your team, your product, your campaign, and your company.

This conversion-ready lead magnet was targeted at finance executives. Her strong focus on targeted marketing and experience in researching primary and internal sources assured a successful, evergreen piece of content collateral.


Mary Clark independently diagnosed and fixed critical issues with the legacy content marketing platform to create a marketing content dashboard that showed how each content type - by stage, by product, by persona - performed at generating leads and helping close revenue. As a result, content planning became a much more objective, effective exercise.

Bottom-line: I have found Mary Clark to be an outstanding team player who consistently delivers the highest quality content on time, keeps her commitments and respects deadlines.



I’m your go-to expert in B2B marketing, technical copywriting, sales conversion, and content strategies.

Not only do I love learning about B2B software and technical solutions, but I’ve got a passion for the industry. And by that I mean in my spare time you’ll often find me seeking out the latest and greatest new apps and tech to boost productivity and drive creativity.

But there’s a lot more to me than just all things digital. Click that button to get to know me better and learn more about my targeted solutions:

“She is a great writer, and we connected immediately talking about topics related to women’s empowerment. I assigned to her titles for articles, and she wrote very inspiring pieces. She is talented, punctual, and very professional. It was a pleasure working with her.”

You deserve a marketing expert who understands your B2B marketing goals, content strategies, campaign efforts, and how it all intertwines with your company’s initiatives.

It’s not just about one great headline. It’s about having an expert that specializes in speaking your specific language.

It’s about having me, Mary Clark Navarro, on your team.

Mary Clark focused on copywriting, brand, and marketing strategy to develop a website that is accessible, engaging, and full of personality


“Mary Clark is a hardworking professional, who pours her heart and soul into words she writes. She goes out of her way to learn about a project or feature she markets and becomes a professional in the field. Mary Clark is easy to work with, has a dynamic and upbeat personality that makes her an excellent and reliable employee..”


If you:


I’d love to support your team with
B2B copy and marketing expertise.

She elevated the market position of our company within the notoriously crowded adtech industry with her well-researched and engagingly-written content for our diverse target audiences in various mediums, especially for our blog

You Are One Click Away From B2B Technical Amazing Smart Witty Strategic Copy.

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