Bringing My Love of
Business and Writing

A Career that Brings My Love of Writing and Business Together

I’m Mary Clark Navarro. Like a lot of kids, I waffled back and forth between multiple answers when asked, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” While some days it may have been a vet or news anchor, I always ended up going back to one answer: a writer. I have a third-grade teacher to thank for this idea. She told me I should be a writer, a concept I didn’t even realize was an option until that very moment. 

I explored multiple avenues for becoming a professional writer in college, from publishing to journalism. However, it was two years after graduating that I found the perfect fit for my love of writing, technical concepts, and business: content marketing and copywriting. While living in Costa Rica, I started off writing thought leadership and website copy for international real estate companies. 

I realized I had a talent with writing the right words, building strong messages that resonated with clients, and managing marketing campaigns. 

The most amazing part is that I loved every moment of it.

Before I knew it, I had companies like yours, you know, the ones that are searching for that team member that’s going to bring back the energy, creativity, and spark to your marketing initiatives, asking me to support a specific campaign, build content marketing strategies  or write copy that converted leads into sales.

Given my affinity for translating opaque, difficult concepts into accessible, engaging content, I quickly narrowed down my focus to B2B marketing.  In other words, I do the heavy-lifting of working with company subject matter experts to craft messaging around technical products and services that attracts, nurtures, converts, and delights target audiences. At the same time, I support the marketing objectives and company initiatives you are working to achieve, such as:

Persona-focused content designed to nurture and convert leads throughout the funnel

B2B content marketing strategies built for conversion

Polished, on-brand marketing collateral

Doesn’t this sound exactly like what you need?

I've really enjoyed working closely with Mary Clark on a series of client-facing content. Mary Clark exhibits tenacity, taking initiative and senior copywriting skills as she approaches projects with care. I especially enjoy that she augments my team with little oversight, essentially as an extension of the marketing content arm. Mary Clark's copywriting skills adds to the overall brand strategy.

5 Fun Facts About
Mary Clark Navarro

The Professional Side

I’m experienced in using all major marketing tools and applications and some that might be a little less known.

Head on over to my services page and find out more about how I use these applications to work miracles for your B2B marketing. Or check out my portfolio of projects to see samples of my work.

Mary Clark has produced great work for our digital marketing firm. She creates captivating titles, is very detail oriented, and has received many compliments from my clients and the readers. Mary Clark has also never missed a deadline and over-delivers!

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