Marketing Strategies and Clear, Concise Copy Designed to Convert

B2B Marketing • Content Manager • Technical Copywriter

From marketing strategy to copywriting, I design each of my services to deliver measurable results, aligned to your specific goals. What kind of support are you looking for?

Mary Clark Navarro Delivers Value, Creativity, and Results

Marketing results begin with a well-defined and executed strategy. I’ll work directly with your team to identify goals, target personas, build funnels, and select the right tactics to achieve your objectives.

  • Set objectives
  • Conduct marketing audits, perform gap analysis, analyze market research
  • Identify and refine target audiences
  • Plan, execute, and audit campaigns

Achieve marketing goals with experienced campaign management.

  • Ensure strong brand awareness, positioning, and equity
  • Implement systems to track initiatives, metrics, and results 
  • Identify the right marketing materials to be delivered through the most effective marketing channels at the correct funnel stage

Click with your customers through clear, concise messaging and conversion-ready copy.

  • Make your communications relatable, memorable, and clear,
  • Translate tech talk into engaging, relevant marketing materials
  • Convert leads into sales with strong messaging, innovative ideas, and on-point delivery
  • Support for all types of written material including white papers, lead magnets, webpages, ebooks, case studies, product marketing, social media updates, landing pages, etc.

Grow your email list, build sales funnels, drive traffic to your website, and nurture audience loyalty through email marketing.

  • Craft targeted nurturing campaigns 
  • Develop automated sequences to welcome and nurture new email additions
  • Support sales with email funnels that market your products and services

Let’s get proof. Proof that your strategies are working and those key performance indicators (KPI’s) are moving in the direction you want.

  • Select the right tools to measure success
  • Track the metrics that mean the most to you
  • Identify strategies that give you the most bang for your buck

Tools Used by Mary Clark Navarro

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Mary Clark provides consistent and professional writing. She has a keen understanding of what makes quality content that's engaging, informative, and useful. I've had the pleasure of working with Mary and recommend her services to any business looking to ramp up their content marketing strategy.

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